Pre-Entry Quiz...

Preparation for the Season Ahead..

Before entering the Colts League we suggest you look inward and ask the following questions of your Whole Team (Managers, Coaches, Players, and Parents). If the answers add up to a positive YES then we look forward to receiving your entry for next season.

Please be realistic. Answer these questions truthfully and fully consider the implications or you may end up entering the Colts League improperly prepared for next season !!

If your answers don't add up perhaps you should seriously consider a joint effort by combining your age-groups at Senior U18 Colts.

Amalgamated Teams from two different neighbouring Clubs have also proven successful.

Make sure you have the full backing of your Senior Club Committee for Colts Rugby. They can often help you, and know that investing in the Colts has secured the future of many Clubs throughout the North West. Don't be afraid to ask them for help !!

REMEMBER... to put the date of the AGM in your diary NOW !!
NB: There are sanctions for non-attendance.

Pre-Season... (ie: Prior to Submitting Your Team's Entry)...

  1. Do you have the right Management and Coaching Team to take your Team forward ? 

  2. Do you have enough Parental support, and the support of your Senior Club ?

  3. Do you have enough Players ??
    Experience tells us a Squad Size of 25 Players can be too small !!

  4. Do you have enough Front Row Players ??

  5. Have you made arrangements for Physio, Medics, or First Aid ?

  6. When & How should you submit your Entry Application ?
    The Deadline is Saturday 20th May 2023.

  7. When & How should players be registered ?

  8. Why does the League need your Seeding Feedback ?

  9. How are Referees appointed ?
    Familiarise yourself with the Referee Protocol.

  10. What Pitch arrangements are needed for you Home League matches ?
    See the PreMatch Regulations...

  11. What Kit Regulations apply to Colts League Rugby ?

  12. Managers & Coaches should please read the ETHOS.
    ...To remind us what we are all doing, how, and why.

  13. Please ask ALL Parents and Players to read and observe the Code of Conduct

  14. Managers are reminded of Constitution Regulation 10.8
    ...regarding the AGM & Pre-Season Managers Meeting.

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