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Structured Season

The Halbro NW Colts League operates on a strict structured season. The relevant dates for season 2023/2024 are detailed below.

Date U17 & U18 (All except U18 D) U18 D CB
Saturday, 20/05/2023 Entry Deadline Entry Deadline
Wednesday, 02/08/2023 Colts League AGM Colts League AGM
Sunday, 03/09/2023 League Wk 1 League Wk 1
Sunday, 10/09/2023 League Wk 2 League Wk 2
Sunday, 17/09/2023 League Wk 3 League Wk 3
Sunday, 24/09/2023 League Wk 4 League Wk 4 Nat U18 R1
Sunday, 01/10/2023 County CUP R1 County CUP R1
Sunday, 08/10/2023 League Wk 5 League Wk 5 Nat U18 R2
Sunday, 15/10/2023 League Wk 6 League Wk 6
Sunday, 22/10/2023 County CUP R2 County CUP R2
Sunday, 29/10/2023 Recovery Week Recovery Week CB U18
Sunday, 05/11/2023 League Wk 7 League Wk 7 CB U18
Sunday, 12/11/2023 League Wk 8 League Wk 8
Sunday, 19/11/2023 League Wk 9 League Wk 9 Nat U18 R3
Sunday, 26/11/2023 League Wk 10 League Wk 10
Sunday, 03/12/2023 Recovery Week League Wk 11 CB U18
Sunday, 10/12/2023 League Wk 11 League Wk 12
Sunday, 17/12/2023 Recovery Week League Wk 13 CB U18
Sunday, 24/12/2023 Xmas Xmas
Sunday, 31/12/2023 Xmas Xmas
Sunday, 07/01/2024 League Wk 12 League Wk 14 CB U18
Sunday, 14/01/2024 County CUP Qtrs County CUP Qtrs Nat U18 R4
Sunday, 21/01/2024 League Wk 13 League Wk 15
Sunday, 28/01/2024 League Wk 14 League Wk 16
Sunday, 04/02/2024 Recovery Week Recovery Week
Sunday, 11/02/2024 Recovery Week Recovery Week Nat U18 R5
Sunday, 18/02/2024 Recovery Week Recovery Week
Sunday, 25/02/2024 League CUP R1 League CUP R1
Sunday, 03/03/2024 Recovery Week Recovery Week
Sunday, 10/03/2024 League CUP R2 League CUP R2
Sunday, 17/03/2024 County CUP SF County CUP SF
Sunday, 24/03/2024 League CUP QF League CUP QF NAT Schools 7's
Sunday, 31/03/2024 EASTER EASTER Nat U18 SF
Sunday, 07/04/2024 Recovery Week Recovery Week
Sunday, 14/04/2024 League CUP SF League CUP SF
Sunday, 21/04/2024 County CUP Finals County CUP Finals
Sunday, 28/04/2024 League CUP Finals League CUP Finals Nat U18 Final

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