Seeding Regulations...

Issue 35 - 16th May 2022

1. Seeding Process - Reasoning...

  1. The Colts League seeds Teams into Leagues of similar ability.
  2. Seeding is not an accurate science, being based on feedback, opinion, and the mean average of declared and known results.
  3. Getting the Seeding as near right as possible is important...
  4. Achieving evenly Seeded Leagues delivers equitable games of Colts League Rugby where Players can best develop their game.
  5. It is in no Team's interest to be seeded too low and to be winning by a cricket score each weekend, nor is it helpful to be seeded too high and to be taking a regular drubbing.
  6. The Seeding Process is wholely dependant on Managers' and Coaches' accurate feedback as they best know their own Team, as well as their regular recent opponents; it is therefore extremely important every Team assists the Colts League by contributing to the process.
  7. NB...
    1. Teams who do not communicate and co-operate with the Seeding and Rating Process cause undue delays and will have their commitment to the Colts League seriously questioned...
    2. Entries from such Teams may well be declined.
    3. Seeding Feedback must be received before the Entry Deadline.
    4. Please complete your Seeding Feedback Form and save as a Word.doc
    5. Seeding Feedback Forms must be sent by eMail to: only.
    6. DO NOT send by post or to any other eMail address.

2. Team Ratings...

  1. Seeding is based primarily on Teams' Feedback of Seeding Info, SquadReg Info, plus Managers' opinion on Team Ratings.
  2. The Team Rating Form will only be published when all the Entries are in and known ie: after Deadline Day.
  3. Teams will be asked to Rate all Teams of which they have experience.
  4. The League Seeding Panel meets mid-June to determine League Seedings.
  5. Leagues will not be changed once the seedings have been determined.
  6. Target publication date for Colts League Fixtures is 1st July each season.

3. Prelim' & Conference Leagues...

  1. This season there will be Prelim' Leagues followed by Conference Leagues.
  2. Please refer to the Structured Season.
  3. The use of Preliminary & Conference Leagues permits the League to restructure approximately 1/3 of the way through the season to make adjustments for incorrect seeding and any withdrawals.

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