Issue 18 - 10th July 2022

  1. The Code of Conduct embraces the WorldRugby Playing Charter and the RFU's own Spectator / Parent Code of Conduct.

  2. Whilst a match is in progress all Replacements, Coaches, and Team Managers must remain within a marked Technical Area, other than when attending an injured player or bringing on water.

  3. Teams / Clubs should ensure the Technical Areas are clearly marked, preferably on the same side of the pitch either side of the half-way line.

  4. Spectators must be outside the playing enclosure & back from the touchlines at all times behind a suitable pitch-side barrier. Spectators must never enter the field of play without the Referee's permission.

  5. Referees have the discretion to refuse to start or continue with a Colts League game if the Marked Technical Area and a suitable pitch-side barrier are not in place. In cases where the match is not played or is abandoned as a result of this then the home Team will be considered to have forfeit the game and will be liable to sanction.

  6. Clubs are accountable for the conduct of their own Spectators and must ensure their Spectators refrain from inciting or abusing Players or Referees during the game and at all other times. Clubs will be held to account for their Offending Spectators and such issues will be dealt with under RFU Rule 5:12 by the appropriate Disciplinary Committee.

  7. The use of obscene and offensive language is contrary to the spirit and ethos of the game as set out in the RFU Codes of Conduct.
    It must be discouraged and should not be tolerated from Players Coaches or Spectators.

  8. County Disciplinary Committees under delegated powers from the RFU are empowered to hold inquiries impose sanctions or to take such action as seems fit for infringement of any Law of the Game or for conduct which is prejudicial to the interests of the game as authorised by RFU Rule 5.12

  9. Players Coaches and Spectators are all subject to disciplinary sanctions should they transgress the Laws of the Game or the Code of Conduct.



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