Pre-Match Regulations...

Issue 35 - 26th January 2023

1. Fixtures...

  1. Fixtures must be confirmed between Teams by phone at least one week in advance.
  2. The League's eMail Contact system should NOT be relied upon as a failsafe method.
  3. Contact must be made by phone with your Opposite Number.
  4. Keep your Opposite Number's Mobile No. in your phone in case things go pear-shaped.
  5. Home Teams must confirm the game with their Society Referee at least one week in advance.
    1. Referees must be arranged in accordance with the Referee Protocol Regulations.
    2. Speak personally to your Referee to confirm the Game.
    3. Ensure you have the Referee's Mobile Number in case things go pear-shaped.
  6. Kick Off Times:~
    1. Regulation Kick-Off Time for Junior Colts is Sunday at 12.30pm.
    2. Regulation Kick-Off Time for Senior is Sunday at 2.00pm.
    3. Matchday and Kick-Off Times can be varied by mutual agreement between Teams and the Referee.
    4. Your Society Referee must be asked well in advance and must not be inconvenienced.
    5. The League will not intervene. Should Teams not agree then the Regulation Day and Times will apply.
  7. Prepare your Match Card in advance of the day.


2. Venue Switches...

  1. Should both Teams agree to switch venues this is permissable.
  2. Both Teams must inform their League Secretary of the Venue Switch by TEXT and eMail.
  3. Your LeagueSec will then arrange for the game to be rescheduled in the Fixture List.
  4. Home Teams must immediately inform their appointed Referee and his Society of any switch of venue - so your Referee can be re-appointed to another game.
  5. The new Home Team must also organise for a Society Referee to be appointed.


3. Postponements...

  1. Games should not be postponed at will as there are not enough weekends in the League Season.
  2. League weekends are carefully planned and fixtures must be honoured above all else.
  3. There are NO conceded games only Walkovers awarded against Teams failing to honour a fixture.
    1. League points will be awarded to the non-offending Team and the Offending Team will be sanctioned.
    2. If an Away Team gives a walkover then the next fixture between the two Teams will be reversed.
    3. Repeat walkover offenders will be sanctioned and are liable to be excluded from the League.
    4. Exclusion is invoked on a 4-Strikes & Out basis. ie: following a Fourth failure to honour a fixture.
    5. Teams who give two walkovers in a season will not proceed to the League Cup Competitions without giving assurances to their LeagueSec and the Colts League Committee.
    6. Any Team so excluded or any Team which withdraws from the League for any reason or any Team which reneges on a League Cup Competiton Fixture shall incur a financial administration charge equal and in addition to the Entry Fee payable by their Club to cover the extra admin costs caused by that Team's withdrawal.
  4. Tours, Schools 7's, the End of the Cricket Season, or Exiles call-up… are not satisfactory reasons to postpone a Club Colts League or League Cup Match... It is of greater importance the rest of a Club’s Colts Team "Play Rugby" and develop their game and that Opponents and Referees are not let down.
  5. Fixtures are scheduled to avoid County weekends, however sometimes postponed games are unavoidably re-scheduled on a County match date.
    1. Teams with 4 or more County Players will be permitted to apply to their LeagueSec for a postponement of a League Match provided this is done at least 10 days in advance to give sufficient advance warning to their Opponents and to the Referee Society.
    2. Failure to give such notice to your LeagueSec, Referee Society, and Opponents will be classified as a walkover to the none-offending Team and the fixture will be forfeit.
    3. Games postponed as in 5a. above will be re-scheduled for the next available weekend.
    4. Genuine weather postponements will always take priority over games postponed as above.
    5. Such Games remaining unplayed at the end of the season will be awarded to the non-offending side.
  6. If by negotiation Managers agree to accept the re-scheduling of a game in an effort to keep the Lads playing Rugby then the League will allow this by mutual agreement only, provided a date is available for a re-scheduling of the fixture.
    1. In the above situation Both Managers must then advise their LeagueSec.
    2. The Home Team must also advise their Referee Society.
    3. The League will not intervene. Should Teams not agree the scheduled fixture date will apply.
    4. Should such a re-scheduled game end up not being played for any reason it will be recorded a walkover, with points awarded to the Non-Offending Team. It will also count towards the 4-Strikes Rule.
  7. Should a League Match be abandoned due to inclement weather the score at the time shall stand provided Half-Time has been reached, otherwise the game may be ordered to be replayed, or may be determined by the League.
  8. Weather Postponements will be re-arranged for the next available weekend by your League Secretary whom both Teams must advise of such postponements.
  9. Games remaining unplayed due to the weather will be determined a 0-0 draw or may be determined by the League.
  10. Should a League Match be abandoned for any reason other than the weather the League Committee may determine the result of or award the game.


4. Unfit Pitches...

  1. If a Team’s pitch is unavailable or unfit Managers must make every effort to find another local pitch.
  2. No other Local Pitch being available the Home Team MUST forgo their home advantage, the fixture must be reversed, and your League Secretary and Referee must be informed immediately.
  3. Teams who's pitches have known problems must make themselves aware of the state of their pitches in advance and must be prepared to make arrangements as per the above Reg's 4.1 and 4.2 in good time.
  4. Adverse Weather Conditions are the only acceptable reason to postpone.
  5. Managers must inform their League Secretary and Referee immediately a postponement is agreed.
  6. Failure by the Home Team to immediately inform their appointed Referee of any cancellation postponement or switch of venue will result in a sanction by the League in addition to any financial penalty the Society may impose.
  7. If a game is abandoned for any reason the score at the time shall stand provided Half-Time has been reached.
    1. Otherwise the League may order the game to be replayed.
    2. In exceptional circumstances the League Committee may determine the result or award the game.
  8. Postponed / abandoned games must be advised by BOTH TEAMS to their League Secretary by TEXT so the necessary re-arrangements can be made.
    1. Failure to inform your League Secretary of a postponement will result in the game being treated as void - applicable to both Teams, plus a possible sanction.
    2. ALL re-scheduled dates will be arranged and advised by the League ASAP and will normally be the next available weekend.
    3. Teams awaiting confirmation of a revised fixture date should prompt their League Secretary.
    4. Re-scheduled Fixtures must be honoured and cannot be reneged upon.
    5. DO NOT assume you can simply re-schedule your own games when you have a postponement as there are knock on effects and other Teams' fixtures to consider.
    6. Suggestions can however be discussed with your League Secretary.
  9. Home Teams must notify their Referees Society of any new fixture immediately the date is known.
  10. Additional Matchday Criteria is governed by the Matchday Regulations.


5. Pre-Match Paperwork...

  1. Update your Squad Registrations per the Squad Registration Regulations.
  2. Carry a copy of your latest Squad Registrations with you on MatchDay.
  3. Update your RFU Player Registration Cards and keep them to hand on MatchDay.
  4. Prepare your Match Card and hand it to your Referee before each Game.
  5. Carry a copy of the latest Matchday Regulations with you on MatchDay.


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