Disciplinary Regulations...


What Happens...
...to Players who are "Sent Off" ?

  1. Any Player (or Coach or Spectator) who is issued with a Red Card by the Referee during or following a Colts League Match or anyone bringing the game into disrepute in any other way during or following a match will be dealt with severely by their Disciplinary Committee.

  2. If a Player (or Coach or Spectator) is Red Carded or a Match is Abandoned the Colts Team Manager must inform their own Club Secretary immediately who must in turn report the incident and particulars to their County Disciplinary Secretary within 24 hours.

  3. Failure by a Club Secretary to report a sending off or abandonment within 24 hours will lead to severe censure plus a fine being imposed against the offending Club by the CB Disciplinary Committee.

  4. Players who are Red Carded are banned from playing immediately, per RFU Regulation 19 (Appendix 6).

  5. Such Players must not be selected to play in any game for Club or School until their Disciplinary case has been heard.

  6. Players sent off in a Senior (U18's) or Junior (U17's) Colt League or Cup match will appear before their own Club Disciplinary Committee which is responsible for taking disciplinary action under guidance from the County Youth Disciplinary Secretary.

  7. Age-Grade Sanctions are in accordance with RFU Regulation 19
    For Players this will mean a Ban from playing.
    For Coaches / Spectators this means a ban from the touchlines or from Rugby altogether.

  8. Players under sanction must not be selected to play in ANY Match - for School or Club.

  9. Abandoned Matches will be dealt with by your CB Disciplinary Committee who may determine Colts League points deductions, a Team Ban from the League or League Cup Competitions, or even points deductions for your Senior Club 1st XV.

  10. Sanctions handed down to Colts' Players count towards a Club’s totting up of offences under RFU Regulations and may result in a Club itself being called before the CB Disciplinary Committee.

of misconduct contrary to the Code of Conduct should be notified to the Hon' Secretary by eMail within 24 hours of the game or situation.

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