Squad Registration Regulations...

Issue 55 - 19th April 2024

1. Player Eligibility and Registrations...

1. Players should be under the relevant age at midnight on
31st August of the relevant season.

2. Over-aged players are generally not permitted and should therefore not be selected.

3. In exceptional circumstances the League Committee will give due consideration to an application for a Player to play down an age-grade subject to certain conditions being met.
Such applications will only be considered once all other efforts to integrate said player into their correct age-group have been exhausted.

4. Such Over-Aged Players must have been assessed by a Level 2 Coach in line with RFU Regulation 15 and must be in possession of an RFU Dispensation signed off by their CB (County RFU).
Such dispensations must be renewed each season.

5. Any such application for an Over-Aged Player must be made in writing to the HonSec before the Entry Deadline of the relevant season.

6. U16 and U17 Players are permitted to play-up two age grades provided they are assessed as being capable by a Level 2 Coach in line with RFU Regulation 15 and provided an RFU Dispensation has been signed off by their CB (County RFU).
Such dispensations must be renewed each season.

a. Under 17’s playing-up in an Under 18's Team can play in the Front Row.
b. Under 16’s playing-up in an Under 17's Team can play in the Front Row.
c. Under 16's playing-up two age grades at U18's must not play in the Front Row.
d. Under 15's may only play up one age grade and must therefore not be selected to play in any Colts Team.

7. Playing Time:

a. Players must only play for one Colts Team in one Colts Match each weekend, with a maximum of 70 minutes of playing time.
b. Players must not play in a Junior Colts then a Senior Colts Match on the same day.
c. Players must not play in an U16's game then a Colts Match later the same day.

8. Players must be Paid-Up members of their Club:

a. Players must be registered with the RFU on GMS.
b. Players without an RFU Registration Number and I/D Card must not be selected to play.
c. Managers are reminded of RFU Regulations: All Age-Grade Players must be registered with the RFU within 45 days of them joining the Club.
d. In Combined Teams from more than one Club Players should remain affiliated with their original Club on GMS. This  must be clearly identified on the Combined Team's SquadRegForm.

9. Managers must be in possession of RFU I/D Cards
(or A4 sheet of cards) and all relevant special dispensations for every Player they intend to field.

a. Photo's on RFU I/D Cards must be updated at U17.
b. RFU I/D Cards must be available for inspection between Teams before each game.
c. RFU I/D Cards must be checked in line with RFU Guidelines at least 30 minutes before Kick Off.
d. Teams failing to make their RFU I/D Cards available for checking by their opponents will be subject to severe censure; to include but not limited to a 2 point sanction.
Repeat Offenders may also forfeit the game.

10. Teams low on numbers may be permitted an extension to the Registration Window on application to their League Secretary.
See SquadReg Reg 2 below.

11. All Players Must be registered on a SquadRegForm.

a. Initially SquadRegForms must be submitted before the Entry Deadline by eMail. Send to squadreg24@colts-rugby.org.uk.
b. DO NOT send by post or to any other eMail address.
c. Managers should keep a copy of their SquadRegForm to add new players to. Note SquadReg Reg1.12 below.
d. New / Additional Players can be added to the SquadRegForm at any stage of the season.
e. New Players should be added to the SquadRegForm which should be eMailed to the League before a Player can be fielded.
f. Returning (unaffiliated) Players must not play in any Colts League match until they are properly registered / affiliated on GMS and with the League on the SquadRegForm.
g. Unregistered Players must not be selected to play.
h. Transfer of Players from another Club is permitted although Team Managers & Coaches must not actively solicit the services of a Player from another Club.
i. Managers must make every effort to inform a Player's "Old Club" of the change of Club registration.

NB: Please add New Players to your original SquadReg Form, re-date, and re-submit.
NB2: DO NOT submit multiple SquadRegForms with only one or two players on them - this makes extra work for League Volunteers.

12. Playing Unregistered or Over-Aged Players without a Dispensation in place will incur a sanction of at least 2 points per offence and may incur a game to be forfeit.


2. Player Registration Window...

  1. The Colts League's Player Registration Window closes on 28th February each season.
  2. Players changing Clubs cannot be registered with a Colts League Team after this date unless granted a special dispensation by the League.
  3. New players to the Game or to an area may be permitted to register after this date on application to the League via your League Secretary.
  4. Such New Players must not be fielded until approval has been given by the League.

Any Queries:
Should be directed to: league.admin@colts-rugby.org.uk


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