Pre-Entry Guidelines...

Preparation for the Season Ahead...

Before entering the Colts League we suggest you look inward and ask the following questions of your Whole Team (Managers, Coaches, Players, and Parents). If the answers add up to a positive YES then we look forward to receiving your entry for next season.

Please be realistic. Answer these questions truthfully and fully consider the implications or you may end up entering the Colts League improperly prepared for next season !!

If your answers don't add up perhaps you should seriously consider a joint effort by combining your age-groups at Senior U18 Colts.

Amalgamated Teams from two different neighbouring Clubs have also proven successful.

Make sure you have the full backing of your Senior Club Committee for Colts Rugby. They can often help you, and know that investing in the Colts has secured the future of many Clubs throughout the North West. Don't be afraid to ask them for help !!

REMEMBER... to put the date of the AGM in your diary NOW !!
NB: There are sanctions for non-attendance.

Pre-Season... (ie: Prior to Submitting Your Team's Entry)...

  1. Do you have the right Management and Coaching Team to take your Team forward ? 
    We recommend a minimum of 1 x Manager and 1 x Coach, but more bodies would be better !!
    A competitive League structure brings new pressures which you may not have encountered in Mini-Junior Rugby. Running a Team in the Colts League, with competitive fixtures every weekend, is too much for one man alone...

  2. Do you have enough Parental support, and the support of your Senior Club ?
    You will need assistance to provide transport for all your Players to ALL your away games.
    Fixtures must be honoured above all else and "we didn't have enough cars to get there" is not an acceptable excuse. In previous seasons Colts League Teams in certain areas have obtained financial assistance towards travel costs from their Local Authority.
    Colts League Regulations require Marked Technical Areas and Barriers or Roped Off pitches on any pitch where a Colts League match is played. Additional Bodies can help with pre-match setting up…

  3. Do you have enough Players ??
    Colts Players are young men on the verge of discovering Cars, Wine, Women and Song, and taking part time jobs (at the weekend) to fund such debauchery !!
    Other Pressures...
    Some have pressures put on them by the Rugby Master at School not to play Club Rugby, and many quite rightly prioritise their A levels...  Schools 1st XV Rugby, Academy Rugby, County or Divisional Rugby are all pressures your Players can succumb to thereby depleting your Team !!
    It takes a well organised Management & Coaching Team to keep things together, motivating ALL your Players, developing and keeping those on the fringes interested, and recruiting and adding players where possible.

    Experience tells us a Squad Size of 25 Players can be too small !!

  4. Do you have enough Front Row Players ??
    At least 5 trained Front Row are recommended.
    ...Any less and with injuries and the aforementioned distractions you will struggle to complete the League and Cup season.
    Although Uncontested Scrums are permitted the Colts League fervently believe we have a responsibility to identify recruit train & develop front row players. It is an important part of the game of Rugby Union and the future of the Game depends on such players being developed.
    The Man-Off Rule in the Regulations is written to disadvantage those who do not have a Front Row.
    You are encouraged to identify recruit train & develop front row players.

  5. Have you made arrangements for Physio, Medics, or First Aid ?
    Ask your MJ Section or Senior Club for help.
    These are important considerations which differ from Club to Club. 

  6. When & How should you submit your Entry Application ?
    The Deadline is Sat 22nd May 2021
    Late Entries will not be accepted...
    Timescales need to be observed to achieve Equitably Seeded Leagues and prepare the fixtures.

  7. When & How should players be registered ?
    Pre-season per the Squad Registration Regulations
    Squad Registrations must be submitted at the same time as your Entry Application...
    Additional Players can be added throughout the season, however the bulk of your Squad must be registered to allow the Seeding Panel to judge whether Teams have sufficient Players to survive a meaningful competitive Colts League season.

  8. Why does the League need your Seeding Feedback ?
    Ensure you provide Feedback per the Seeding Regulations
    Seeding Feedback must also be submitted at the same time as your Entry Application...
    Teams who do not contribute to the Seeding Process will have their Application seriously scrutinised and may well be denied Entry into the Leagues.

  9. How are Referees appointed ?
    Familiarise yourself with the Referee Protocol
    All games must be officiated by a Society Referee...
    Ensure your Club pays a Membership for your Colts Teams and that you know how to arrange for a Society Referee to be appointed to all your Home games.

  10. What Pitch arrangements are needed for you Home League matches ?
    You should consider how you will provide Technical Areas and Suitable Barriers on all pitches where you are likely to play a League game.
    See the PreMatch Regulations...
    Speak to your Senior Committee to ensure your Groundsman is briefed to provide markings for the Technical Areas ?
    NB: Does your Club have a Ladies Team that takes priority on the 1st XV pitch ?

  11. What Kit Regulations apply to Colts League Rugby ?
    Shirts Must be Numbered with traditional Large numbers to the back.

    Our Referees prefer the traditional positional numbers on shirts so they can identify transgressors.

  12. Managers & Coaches should please read the ETHOS.
    ...To remind us what we are all doing, how, and why.

  13. Please ask ALL Parents and Players to read and observe the Code of Conduct remind Parents and Players how they should conduct themselves.
    Remember, Managers, Coaches, and Parents are all subject to the disciplinary regulations and if they transgress it may have an adverse effect on your Team or Club.

  14. Managers are reminded of Constitution Regulation 10.8
    egarding the AGM & Pre-Season Managers Meeting.
    ALL TEAMS must send at least one Representative to the AGM who MUST be involved with the day to day running of the Team.
    ...on penalty of a 2 point deduction for not attending.
    Mandatory attendance of the AGM and Pre-Season Managers' Meeting is a mark of the importance the League places on all Teams being represented.

    Previous experience has taught us the apathy of non-attendees make them the Teams most likely to struggle, to cause their League Secretaries problems through lack of preparation, and potentially the most likely to fail and withdraw from the League...


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