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  1. Match Cards should be prepared in advance listing all Players.
  2. Home Teams use the Left Hand Column.
  3. Away Teams use the Right Hand Column.
  4. All Players must be listed on the Match Card.
  5. Front Row Players must be identified FR.
  6. Hand your Match Cards to the Referee before each game.
  7. This is so your Ref knows how many Front Row you have.
  8. After the match ask your Referee to:
    1. Fill in the scores.
    2. Mark any Red or Yellow Cards issued.
    3. Sign the Match Card.
  9. Both Managers must complete the Managers Declarations.
  10. Double-Check your Oppo' has correctly completed all sections.
  11. Fold Match Cards in Half, put together, and Scan as a PDF.
  12. Winning Team Manager should submit Match Cards.
  13. If a Draw then Home Team Manager should submit Match Cards .
  14. Scan and save the Match Cards as a .PDF file.
  15. Completed Match Cards should be legible.
    ...if You can't read it neither can we !!
  16. Save as: YourTeam-MatchCard.pdf
    ...(eg: LymmSnrColts-MatchCard.pdf).
  17. eMail your Match Card PDF to
  18. Your eMail Subject Line should contain the Result.
    ...(eg: Subject Re: LymmSC 14 vs 10 SaleSC).
  19. Do not eMail to your LeagueSec; they get a copy automatically.
  20. .jpg files will not get through and will be deleted.
  21. Teams not complying with these Regs will be deducted one sanction point on each occasion.


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