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Colts League Matches can be a spectacle of testosterone fuelled Rugby, in many cases highly charged, skillful, and played on the edge, arousing passion and emotions with Players and Spectators alike.

The Colts League Code of Conduct therefore exists to introduce a modicum of common sense on the touchlines to enable play to proceed unfettered by inteference from over-zealous Spectators.

Clubs are duty-bound to ensure their Colts Teams can observe and comply with the Code of Conduct, particularly in providing suitable facilities on the day; namely a Marked Techinical Area plus a Suitable Pitch-Side Barrier back from the touchlines.

This includes not only the main 1st XV pitch but any other pitches on which Colts League games could be played.

Clubs are reminded of Code of Conduct Reg's (5) & (6).  

(5). Referees have the discretion to refuse to start or continue with a Colts League game if the Marked Technical Area and a suitable pitch-side barrier are not in place. In cases where the match is not played or is abandoned as a result of this the home Team will be considered to have forfeit the game and be liable to sanction.

(6). Clubs are accountable for the conduct of their own Spectators and must ensure their Spectators refrain from inciting or abusing Players or Referees during the game and at all other times. Clubs will be held to account for their Offending Spectators and such issues will be dealt with under RFU Rule 5:12 by the appropriate County Disciplinary Committee.

Team Managers, as the ostensible Club Steward of the day, are therefore advised to make preparations in advance to ensure their Team can comply.

It is suggested you solicit the support of your Senior Club (and Groundsman) in advance rather than having to make last minute preparations on the day...

The Code of Conduct exists to help Clubs to Help Themselves... !!

Certain Clubs have been highlighted by their Referees Society as not complying and will be held to account should this continue.


Regards in Colts Rugby.
Jon Kitchen 
Jon Kitchen - HonSec.
Halbro NW Colts League

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