Fleetwood withdraw: Senior G...

We regret to report the withdrawal of Fleetwood from Senior G with immediate effect.
They have also withdrawn from the Lancashire Colts U18 Trophy.

The decision to withdraw is reportedly owing to a shortage of players and they have asked us to convey their apologies to the remaining Teams in their League.
It was thought better to make the decision to withdraw at this stage rather than to cause problems with a late no-show on any given Sunday.

The Fixture list and Tables have already been amended.

Fleetwood are trying to integrate their few remaining U18's players into Senior Rugby at the Club.

Re-scheduling of Fixtures:
There is little opportunity to re-schedule fixtures at this stage. Any re-juggling of the leagues will be done when the Conference League are formatted.


Arrange Your Own Friendlies:
With an odd number of Teams in many of the Leagues there is always the possibility of picking up a Friendly with a Team from a.n.other League. Teams in higher leagues will likely agree to reduce the strength of the squad they field so both Teams can benefit from a Development Game.

Teams can contact each other directly via the League website Contacts, via the Facebook Fixture Pool, or on the WhatsApp Fixtures Group.


Shortage of Player Numbers:
The Colts League is about Lads Playing Rugby and developing players in preparation for introducing them to the Senior game.

If you are short on numbers please consider still playing - for the sake of your players who do want to play.

Review the Matchday Regulations (Reg 8.1 to 8.11) which provide for Reduced Numbers Games... and consider making a game of it !!

Your Opponents would probably far rather you turned up and made a game of it with those you have. They may even lend you some players...

Please consider all options; for the benefit of those players who do want to play !!

NB: the Matchday Regulations have been specifically "tweeked" to facilitate Reduced Numbers Games by adopting the RFU's Game-On principals.

If there are any suggestions you have which you feel would benefit this scenario please do not hesitate to let us know...


Best of Luck...

Regards in Colts Rugby.
Jon Kitchen 
Jon Kitchen - Chairman.
Halbro NW Colts League


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