In MMC - 30 Colts Lads Got to Play Some Rugby...

I received the below report last Sunday and am pleased to convey it to you now... Apologies for the slight delay in posting.

To: Jon Kitchen - League Secretary: SeniorG
From: Mark Grayson - Lead Coach: Ashton-u-Lyne Colts
Date: Sun 12th Sept 2021

Our first match of the season didn't quite turn out as planned due to unexpected cry offs. Having only 9 players available I contacted Blackburn's Coach fully prepared to cry-off and having to forfeit.
We nearly called it a day and didn't travel.

However - after a detailed discussion, and some cajoling on my Oppo' from Blackburn's part, we agreed to make the 50 mile round trip.
We thought it better to get the lads a game of Rugby after so long being off the pitch owing to the lockdowns etc...
Blackburn very sportingly lent us 6 players for the duration of the match.
Our lads made the Blackburn lads welcome...
...and the Blackburn lads in turn willingly played for us.
We played 15 vs 15 so all 30 Lads got to play some Rugby.
Thus an enjoyable and entertaining afternoon was had by all.
We made some Friends that day !!
An Excellent Example of Core Rugby Values and Great Sportsmanship - Post Covid...

Mark - Ashton-u-Lyne Senior Colts.

Editor's Note:
The score - it doesn't matter !!
Thanks are due all round...
to: Mark for taking the time to pen the Report and letting us all know.
to: Blackburn for encouraging Ashton to come.
to: the Ashton Lads & Coaches for making the trip.
to: the Blackburn Lads for evening up the numbers.
to: this Great Game of ours for giving us the desire to make it happen.

With Manager's Mutual Co-operation a seed of an idea flourished and...
A Game of Rugby broke out !!

As Mark so rightly says: An Excellent Example of Core Rugby Values and Great Sportsmanship - Post Covid... Well done Guys.

Regards in Colts Rugby.
Jon Kitchen 
Jon Kitchen - Chairman.
Halbro NW Colts League.

 PS: Does anyone else have any MMC Anecdotes to share please... ??


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