Colts Contacts Updated - Please Check Yours...!!

Team Contacts have been updated on the Colts League website.

To Access Team Contacts:
They are listed under Menu/Leagues/2019-2020 then Select Your League.

Tabs detail: Table/Fixtures & Results/Contacts.

Click on Contacts.

Team Contacts:
Check these are correct and advise us of any errors/updates needed.

Club Secretary:
Many Clubs have held their AGM recently with some changes to Club Officers.
Please double check the details we hold for your Club Secretary are correct.

Any updates should be advised to me soonest by eMail.

Send Yourself and Your Colleagues a TEST eMail...
Click on the Envelope against your Name.
If the eMail address we hold for you is correct you should receive said eMail.
If not - please advise us of your correct eMail address.


Thanks for your co-operation...

Regards in Colts Rugby.
Jon Kitchen 
Jon Kitchen - HonSec.
Halbro NW Colts League

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