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Achieving Evenly Seeded Leagues... delivers equitable Colts League matches where your Players can best develop their game. 

The Seeding Panel meets early in June to formally seed the Colts Leagues based on the input submitted by Team Managers. There is a lot of information to consider and digest to get the seedings right.

Squad Registrations outline the strength and depth of each Squad, plus the results from last season give an indication of each Team's comparative strengths and weaknesses.

Managers are required to complete and return a Team Rating Form by Tues 30th May... This is an integral part of this process and allows the Panel to reach a balanced view on the Seeding.

Please save and eMail to

Our thanks in anticipation of your co-operation...


Regards in Colts Rugby.

Jon Kitchen 
Jon Kitchen - HonSec.
Raging Bull NW Colts League.


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