Thoughts of a Respected Experienced Coach...

...who played & coached Both Codes.

on: Discipline / Respect / Enjoyment...

There are two old sayings: Respect must be earned. Discipline is a virtue.

I for one have never fully understood exactly how these apply when it comes to Sport.

For any sport to flourish there have to be Rules and Regulations which Players, Coaches, Referees, Spectators, Parents, and Clubs must observe and adhere too.

This mutual consent is seen throughout the Country day in and day out… and in the main it works well.

However... in recent times many sporting bodies have introduced Codes of Conduct and Respect Campaigns in an effort to address what is becoming a prevalent problem along the touchlines.

Colts games in Rugby Union are no exception to this, and I would ask how a Referee can be respected when adult Coaches or Spectators are questioning decisions and screaming obscenities from the touchline ?

This can sew the seed of doubt, influencing even the most experienced Players to Question the Referee's decisions ?? leading ultimately, potentially, to Referee Abuse.

I call this The Emotional Triangle; Yes Players, Coaches, Managers, Spectators, and sometimes even the Referees let emotions get the better of them !!

So how do “WE” (all who are involved in the game) manage this ?

More Rules & Regs, Sanctions, Fines, etc etc ?

...Or by showing just a little more appreciation to our opposition, with “friendly rivalry”, appreciating not all referees are the same and most importantly everyone, especially the Players, is there to enjoy themselves.

The Solution is simple...

Be part of that ENJOYMENT – from this will come Respect from all quarters.




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