Praise for Tarleton & Aldwinians Colts...

The Colts League is pleased to have received the following eMail from a Liverpool Society Referee.


Sent: Sunday, November 16, 2014 8:27 PM
To: LeagueSec
Subject: Tarleton v Aldwinians Colts
League: Intermediate C

Dear Sirs
I was the Referee today for the "top of the table" Colts match of Tarleton IC V Aldwinians IC at Tarleton.

I am sending you this message to congratulate both teams on the way they played, their discipline, effort, commitment and attitude in what was a hotly (but fairly) contested match.

Both teams played hard and fair and I think both would agree that nothing was left on the pitch.
There were no malicious penalties given, and very few incidents of foul play.

Both teams kept their discipline well and I would ask you to pass credit to them.

The match was a joy to referee and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I would be grateful if you would pass my comments to the relevant managers and players.
I hope they all enjoyed it as well.

I wish both teams well for the remainder of the season.


Neil Burdekin
Liverpool Society Referee.


Editors Note:
Our thanks to Neil for taking the time to convey his positive thoughts.

Congratulations also to the Tarleton and Aldwinians Colts sides for giving Neil such a pleasurable experience.

Regards in Colts Rugby.
Jon Kitchen 
Jon Kitchen - HonSec.
Raging Bull NW Colts League.

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